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The average American 35-44 year old checks their phone 35 times a day. 25-34 year olds checks their phone 50 times a day. 18-24 year olds checks their phone 74 times a day. [Source: Time Magazine]

The trend is clear. Nothing gets attention like a smartphone. If you want to change the world, the best way to do it is to get in front of all those eyeballs with something to offer. We are looking for candidates for our app startup accelerator. Our goal is to help committed, hardworking people with a great idea achieve their maximum chance of success.

  • Build an App Company

    Creating a successful app-based company requires structuring yourself as a viable business complete with all necessary materials. Don’t waste your time or money making mistakes. If you have a great app idea, you need to act quickly and strategically.

  • App & Business Tools

    From legal services to rapid UX prototyping, we help you build the foundation necessary to expedite your app’s growth. We give each client our full attention, so we only accept a limited number of participants.

  • Customized Startup Process

    We understand not everyone is in the same place and may already have a variety of resources. To check your progress, you meet with several of the Intraspire team members to determine which services will launch you to the next level.  

  • Apply for App Startup Accelerator

    If this sounds like something for you, fill out our candidate application form below. If selected, we provide you with the tools and skills needed to transform your app idea into reality with a viable business structure and maximized potential.

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