The Importance of Attractive UX Design

by | Jul 24, 2017 | App UX Design, Mobile App Development

Usability is a core necessity for all apps and websites. A recent study uncovered the importance of sleek user experience pages beyond just the beautiful design.


Don Norman, an accomplished user-centered designer, wrote how his research indicated attractive things work better. In 2005, three researchers from London colleges began examining if user perceptions of aesthetics led to a positive opinion of usability as Norman claimed. Test subjects were shown various different websites and were asked how they deemed the functionality of the pages.


The results differed slightly from Norman’s claims. The results indicated better and more beautifully designed pages are perceived to work better, even if they do not. Aesthetics lead to a positive response and allow for more creative thinking. However, while the designs do alter perceptions and judgments, they do not inspire behavior.


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Think about vegetable peelers. As a consumer, you have the choice to purchase a cheaper and standard metal peeler or one with a rubber handle. Though the peeler with the nicer handle might be more expensive, it makes the peeling processes significantly easier, causing you to perceive the tool as more attractive than its metal counterpart. The rubber handle does not encourage the peeling, but it makes the task more enjoyable.




The same is applied to all technology integrated into your everyday life. Chase recently significantly updated their ATM machines. The old machines had a slot to insert your debit card, pin pad, and small touch screen to facilitate tasks. Certain machines could not perform various tasks, such as depositing money or checks, creating an inconvenience for customers unable or unwilling to go to a bank. The ATMs also only allowed withdrawals in specific denominations solely in $20 bills, another inconvenience.


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The new machines still have the debit card slot and pin pad, but the screen size increased. The customer also has the option to withdraw money in any denomination with any bill type and combination, providing more utility in everyday activities. The menu options are clear and easy to follow, allowing you to quickly accomplish any task for the machine.

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