Why Your Business Should Use Instagram

by | Jul 17, 2017 | Social Media

Since the popularization of Facebook, numerous businesses have begun using the platform to connect with their potential or current customers and share information about products and services. As of 2016, 60 million businesses have pages and four million advertise on the platform.


However, as the average age of Facebook users continues to increase,  businesses are moving to Instagram to engage with their users, and it’s paying off. A study from Locowise observed 2,500 Instagram business profiles and found engagement averaged 2.81 percent, compared to Facebook’s 0.25 percent and Twitter’s 0.21 percent. On Instagram, photos averaged one percent more engagement than videos.


Instagram Research Engagement Compared To Twitter Facebook


study from Quintly analyzed the Interaction Rate, or interactions on a post divided by the followers. Per 100 followers, Instagram’s rate was 4.8. Much lower are the Interaction Rates for Facebook and Twitter, 0.72 and 0.25, respectively. Almost 94 percent of posts are images, and the survey did not find conclusive evidence that videos increase engagement or follows.



20160621172035 Instagram Mobile Smartphone Social Networking


Most users post daily, with more popular pages posting up to eight times per day. Creating and posting quality content is essential for growing your social media following, ultimately leading to more clients for your business. For more tips about prioritizing your social media accounts, read this.

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