How a Competitor’s App Can Close Your Business

by | Jun 12, 2017 | Brand Development & Strategy, Mobile App Development

How consumers view food is radically changing. Organic is the fastest-growing sector of the U.S. food industry, accounting for $43.3 billion in sales in 2015. A survey found 88 percent of respondents will pay more for healthier foods, or those containing buzzwords like “all natural” or “super foods.” Consumers see food as a method to manage their health in the long and short term.


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Out of these interests grew companies like My Fit Foods and Snap Kitchen. Similar in their approach, the businesses provide pre-made meals to customers containing healthier and organic ingredients. For example, a bison quinoa hash from Snap Kitchen boasts a “better for you…mix of organic red quinoa and brown rice.” The website, as well as packaging, offers detailed information about nutritional facts and exact ingredients used in the dish.


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However, in mid-February 2017, Austin-based My Fit Foods announced the immediate closing of all locations across five states. The announcement came less than four months after the company closed its three Chicago stores, losing market share because of Snap Kitchen’s sophisticated marketing and targeted store and product placements. Additionally, the ethnic food dishes available at Snap Kitchen, such as chicken tikka masala and shrimp paella, allows consumers to enjoy favorite dishes, or try new ones, without sacrificing their healthy lifestyle. My Fit Foods stores targeted different demographics, with some locations only providing juices and protein shakes while others had a food selection.


Despite entering the market over four years prior to its competitor, My Fit Foods failed, in part due to the success of Snap Kitchen’s app. Launched in December 2016, the app offers numerous features, like an in-store pickup, home or office delivery, detailed nutritional information for available meals, and rewards tracking.




The convenience of the app made Snap Kitchen the obvious choice for consumers looking for healthier meal options. Almost 90 percent of Americans use the internet and the percentage of Americans owning a smartphone is up 42 percent to over 75 percent. Most interestingly is smartphone growth among Americans aged 50 and older, up to nearly three-quarters of Americans aged 50-64 and almost half of those 65 and older. Snap Kitchen capitalized on the increased mobility of society by recognizing a need for an app and creating one centered on their customer’s wants and needs, ultimately leading to their success over My Fit Foods to become a market leader.

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