On January 31st, 2014, Intraspire was formed when founders Brian Frick and Kakpindi Jamiru (we can’t say his name either – just call him KJ) teamed up to build a team of committed and talented individuals. In order to work with the best talent, Brian and KJ decided to form a virtual structure that allows for the brightest and hardest working minds to join together – regardless of geographic location. Steadily, Intraspire grew into a team of solution-oriented entrepreneurs who specialize in design, development, and marketing. In other words, we are a full-service powerhouse properly equipped to take our partners’ ideas from a concept to a reality.

Embedded in a fast-paced industry, Intraspire embraces challenges and evolution. Since our inception, we have worked on the creation and operation of mobile applications, websites, social media accounts, and blogs. Contact us today to learn more about Intraspire and what we can do for you, your dream, and your future.