Extreme Customer Focus

Each process must begin with the end-user in mind.  We need to know what information they will be seeking and how they will want to see it.  Understanding the value to the consumer is paramount in Intraspire’s app development process.

Designing User Experience

Each step of the User Experience must be meticulously planned. The flow of the app must be natural and smooth for the end user, and the sleek feel and ease of the process builds the experience for every enjoyer of the app.  It is key in our process for this step to not only involve graphic designers but the developers as well. The focus on consumer enjoyment must be prevalent throughout all facets of the app.


Unparalleled Access

People who hire Intraspire are partners, not customers. Our goal is to bring your vision to life, and how could we do that without ongoing input from you? We will not be a company that takes your initial idea and operates behind closed doors. You will see the app growing every step of the way and even have the opportunity to test it yourself, like watching the brush strokes on your very own Sistine Chapel.

Integrated Team

While we may have roles and titles, we absolutely despise the idea of being siloed into one definition. We are a diverse and multi-faceted team, and each member has a wide array of skills. In other companies, you won’t see graphic designers who work social media, or developers involved in the graphic design process, but with our team it would be a disservice to limit each person’s capabilities to just one title. In the end, this leads to an app with an integrated and uniform vision because all of the pieces are moving together as one.