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“A good idea plus capable men [and women] cannot fail; it is better than money in the bank.” ~John Berry.

While Brian continues to strive toward his goal of being the best SEO in the USA, his other pursuits include data analysis and video editing. What does he love most about Intraspire? “The people who have joined our meetings over the years are some of the most uniquely talented people I’ve ever met. It’s a fun opportunity.”

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KJ was born in Sierra Leone, West Africa and moved to America at the age of 9. He holds a degree in Aviation Management with a minor in Organizational Leadership and Supervison. He believes anything is possible with time and concentrated effort. He loves thinking logistics and being a part team that proves a seed of an idea can gain root from the mind and flourish into something tangible. He believes this is what separates the ordinary from the extraordinary.

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“You can really do anything.” Tabari lives every day to be the embodiment of this belief. He is an analytical, logically-minded developer with the spirit and creativity of an artist. Instead of throwing out reasons why something isn’t possible, he’ll say, “Just give me two minutes.” Seven words that shape his daily actions – “Infuse yourself with greatness through consistent execution.” When not immersed in his work, Tabari is lost somewhere in the beauty of Northern California. *Proud Alum of The Culver Academies & Louisiana State University*

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“If you build it, they will come.” David isn’t a baseball fan, but he is a fan of building and creating so the “Field of Dreams” quote still applies. After graduating from IU with undergrad degrees in Accounting and Business Operations, he earned a Masters of Science in Information Systems (Double Hoosier). By day, David is a technology security consultant; by night he quenches his creative thirst and engages in his passion: contributing to CyberProps. He’s a quick learner with a clever business acumen. Just ask the companies who’ve hired him in the past: Rolls-Royce, Amazon, Hyatt, Accenture. Seriously though, you’ve been warned about challenging him in any Wii games.

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Legal Counsel

Patrick is a graduate of the University of Dayton School of Juris Doctorate. After passing the Bar Examination, Patrick agreed to serve as Intraspire’s Legal Counsel. When Patrick advises our team, he does so with a deep understanding of both the Law and tech industry. His ability to coherently communicate complex legal matters has be crucial to our team’s journey. Patrick has been a life long resident of Indianapolis and hopes to make a positive difference in the city. He is an active participant in a variety of Indianapolis based programs. Patrick enjoys everyday to the fullest and has an absolute zest for life.

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Creative Director

Leah recently made the big move from her hometown in Indiana to the booming tech city of Austin, Texas after graduating from Purdue University. She has big dreams to change the world through technology. In the meantime, she enjoys exploring the city, playing with her pup, and has an addiction to binge-watching TV.

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Lead Architect

Chirag was born in Panamá and moved to the United States at the age of 15. He went to Louisiana State University and moved to the great city of Austin, TX in 2013. His hobbies are playing volleyball, basketball and learning about new technology. He loves solving problems and coming up with new ideas. He enjoys laughing and making others laugh, seriously, you will rarely not see him laughing.

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Kailee Queener

Project Manager

Kailee moved back to Indiana from Michigan, where she spent the past four years.  After working as a Project Manager for a web based marketing company, she fell in love with the creativity and diversity within technology. She spends most of her time doing Project Management, but dabbles in building websites and design from time to time. In her free time, she likes to do anything that involves dogs and a good IPA.

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Design Lead

Jeff was born in South Bend, IN and grew up on the north side of Indianapolis. He is the youngest of two older brothers’, so saying he is competitive would be an understatement. Art & design has always been a creative outlet and long running passion for him. He applies that mentality to his daily design work. When he is not designing he enjoys spending time with friends and family , golfing and enjoying a a craft beer.

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Currently the youngest member of the Cyberprops team, Bryce is striving to build a legacy. He attends IUPUI in pursuit of a computer science degree. Empowered by the belief that with each line of code typed it builds the Cyberprops app and beyond that, a more positive world. Between school and work Bryce tries to find time for a tv show or movie which will inspire his next adventure, thanks HBO Silicon Valley.

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Business Advisor

Stacie is the President of Proof Digital, a digital marketing and web design agency in Indianapolis. She has served on our Board as a trusted business advisor, and continues to provide invaluable assistance to help keep the Intraspire machine running. From 1994-2004, Stacie worked for the Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce in various leadership positions, primarily focusing on education reform. In 2008, Stacie worked with a small group of business leaders to launch Hoosier Academy, Inc. – the first virtual school in the State of Indiana. Today, she loves spening time with her two kids, playing golf with her husband Drew, traveling, reading and volunteering in the community.

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BA & Project Manager

Drake is from Indianapolis, Indiana, and attended The Culver Academies, which he credits for making him into the motivated person he is today. After graduating magna cum laude from Ball State University, he entered into the real estate industry for a short period before ultimately pursuing a career in app development. Drake lives for adventure and would rather spend his days lost in an unknown country than sit comfortably at home with Netflix. He believes the most important attribute in someone is a relentless pursuit of his/her dreams.

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You want a career that fits into your boundless lifestyle. Our opportunities come with no geographical limitations, so feel free to work anywhere from the mountains of Colorado to the islands of Hawaii. Life is supposed to be fun, so let’s make the most of it and create cool things along the way. Visit our Careers page to learn more.