The Science of When to Post

by | Aug 16, 2017 | Brand Development & Strategy, Social Media

The introduction of social media has allowed small businesses to market quickly and cheaply. Don’t waste your carefully crafted posts on times when people won’t even see it.


You might cite multiple time zones for the reasons your posts aren’t being seen. A big mistake you make is not reposting popular content so individuals on all sides of the country or world can enjoy it. Read on to find out when to post on each site for the most attention.


The first tool you should utilize is Twitter Analytics. Post on different days at different times and see what attracts the most views and shares. Hubspot says Wednesday is best, but SproutSocial says Thursday. Again, base your posting on what works best for you and your followers.



All studies suggest work day posts garner the most attention, gaining even more views when sent out before and right after work. Some posts see success when shared midday, but app traffic significantly decreases around 3 pm.


Your business account can utilize Instagram’s Analytics to track views and engagement based on your own posts. If it’s a personal account, try SimplyMeasured.



Hootsuite found Facebook posts are most successful when posted on workdays from 12-3 pm. Other sites, like SproutSocial SproutSocial and CoSchedule cited 9 am to 3 pm and 1 pm to 3 pm Thursday through Sunday, respectively.


Like Twitter, Facebook has an “Insight” tab that allows you to view a personalized graph indicating when your audience is most active on the site. Post before or during those times to maximize engagement and views.

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