The Role of Color in UX Design

by | Sep 12, 2017 | App UX Design

Patterns exist for a reason, and implementing them in your design will make it feel more familiar for website or app users. Something as seemingly small as color can have a huge effect on your design and functionality. Don’t underestimate its role in your design. Too often developers leave this for the end, when, in actuality, it should have a place at the beginning of the creative process.



Stop, love, warmth, power


Sacl Nflx Netflix Logo


The warming color makes elements of your design seem more important. Dark red, similar to that of the color of bricks, reminds of power and durability.


7924801Bc90F7Bf32546B5A55E65Ec7D Pop Up Window Modal Window


In signs and traffic lights, the red is used as a warning color. Designers use it to make sure you’re aware of the implications of the action.






Orange Nickelodeon



Think of oranges. They provide a great source of Vitamin C and boost of energy when eaten. So, we associate the color with the same source of energy and enthusiasm.


Kayak Logo


Orange is common on casual sites, but the bright color is often not seen on professional websites, as it denotes cheapness. In some instances, like on websites to help customers find cheap products, this is actually an advantage.



Attention, Serious




Different shades of yellow come with different implications. Like warning signs on the road, bright yellow is upbeat and commanding of attention.


0019 History


Dark yellow indicates a more serious topic and an older topic. The History Channel logo is a good representation of this combination.



Growth, Success, Nature


Green Animalplanet


Since most plants are green, there is an obvious correlation between the two, and growth and health by extension. Growth can also be applied to businesses and personal finances.




Trust, Relaxing, Sharing


63623776308315039166445595 Chase


The most common color in UX design comes with many different implications. Lighter shades, like those of sky and water, are inherently trusted and relaxing, prompting numerous banks to adopt the color in their logos.



Social media sites, web browsers, and messaging apps, also adopted the color, prompting a recent social and sharing meaning.







The color purple was historically linked to royalty, and the color maintains the sense of luxury today.



Femininity, Youth

Pink Logo Barbie

Bright pinks provide a playful nature to your logo or UX design. Though it often is associated with girls, make sure not to rely on this stereotypical use.



Nature, Stability


Chocolate 4


Brown is very rare in logos and websites. It generates images of nature and wood, and with them comes connotations of stability and rustic feel.



Power, Sophistication



E92A27E3Bf2Ee21Bbc79C1Edf175F6D3 Ux Design Pitch


Black is the strongest color and attracts attention the fastest. When used in logos and large graphic elements on websites, it enhances the emotions of the other colors used and requires a striking font.



Health, Fresh


Screen Shot 2017 08 27 At 7.16.38 Pm


Unlike black, white accents other colors. White space is important in design, but using it as the dominant color can be too overwhelming for the user. Use shades of white in your design, but don’t rely on it too heavily.

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