Four Reasons you need to Redesign your Website

by | Feb 18, 2018 | Mobile App Development, Responsive Website Design

Pretend to be a potential customer and go to your business’s homepage. How long does it take you to figure out what you do? Are the menu headings concise or confusing? Is product or service information clear?


Designers are creating new methods daily to enhance UX on websites and apps. By not regularly updating your web page, you begin to fall behind. So, whether you want to make a few small tune-ups or are revamping the entire experience, here are rules you need to follow.


1.Map it Out


When your customer visits your website, think about their logical actions, and, often more importantly, the illogical actions. “Call to Action” buttons should be available to directly link the customer anywhere they would want or need to go on your page, and a navigation bar should line the top of the page. Make sure each page has these options so users can explore your site without needing to go back or reload pages.


Screen Shot 2017 09 27 At 8.59.21 Pm



Central Market, a grocery store in Texas, maps their website incredibly well. They have a descriptive, but general navigation bar to help visitors through their journey. They also display special store offerings on the front of the home page and put numerous “Call to Action” buttons related to the event.


2.Give it Space


Screen Shot 2017 09 27 At 9.08.08 Pm


Trying to cram all of your information on one page is a huge mistake. By spacing out your text or images, it becomes a focal point. Numerous online shopping websites utilize this trick. Nordstrom, for example, places a huge box of white space around their displayed products. The images are designed to take up the whole row, creating three strong focal points. The design is clean, simplistic, and classic.


3.Scroll On


Older, above the fold designs are no longer conducive to an effective web experience. Users like being able to scroll down to see all their options before selecting an option from the navigation bar. Show your value proposition and what your website facilitates on the first page.


Screen Shot 2017 07 26 At 9.21.52 Pm


The Blue Apron web page shows how they source ingredients, what you can expect from their boxes, specific use-cases and customer success stories, and multiple “Call to Action” buttons to encourage new visitors to sign up all on the same page.


4.Make it Portable


Img 5350


Everything needs to be mobile-friendly. Check out our previous post to see tons of tips about designing for mobile platforms. Tesla is a great example of a mobile website utilizing all of our tips. Their website features numerous “Call to Actions” and they have clearly defined the user paths on their website. Additionally, the homepage is long rather than wide, allowing the visitors to scroll through their options.

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