Why Austin Companies are Investing in SEO Faster Than Other Cities

by | Jan 7, 2023 | SEO

  Austin Business Landscape: SEO on the Rise

As the business landscape of Austin continues to rapidly evolve, many companies are turning their attention to a powerful online marketing tool: search engine optimization (SEO). SEO provides businesses with an opportunity to attract new customers online, boost visibility and establish an authoritative presence in their target markets. With its potential for long-term success and revenue growth, investing in local SEO is becoming increasingly popular among Austin businesses. In this post we’ll explore the basics of SEO and why this trend might be occurring, what it means for other major cities, and how you can determine the best course of action.

SEO is not the easy path, and some business owners often regret taking it. But with limited real estate available at the top of Google and a big first mover advantage, the smart move is to have the conversation and make a decision on whether or not to pursue it. As younger generations become your target customers and clients, Google will be increasingly used to make business decisions across many industries.

Why are Austin companies investing in SEO more than other major cities?

Austin, TX has the third youngest population (34.7) compared with 50 major cities in the United States. Only San Bernadino, California (34.3) and Salt Lake City, Utah (32.8) can claim a younger population. [1]

Statistically, this younger demographic is using Google more often to help them make business decisions. As this demographic moves into decision-making positions, the importance of showing up on Google is more important. Austin’s younger population serves as an early indicator of this trend and that as fueled the uptick in SEO.

And its not just Millennials. The Global Pandemic has made all generations a bit more Google-savvy. Google searches soared during the pandemic across all age demographics. And you may have noticed, but some behaviors formed during the Pandemic have not completely gone away. And that is especially true when it comes to business practices.

While not the entire picture, these two factors alone provide a strong correlation between the uptick in SEO investment in Austin, TX. And while your city may not be experiencing the same surge, it stands to reason that a similar trend is heading in your direction.

How do you choose the right SEO company?

Google. Just kidding, but realistically that’s probably where you found this article so I’m assuming you already assumed as much. Actually, I’d say that while picking an SEO company that ranks is a good indicator of what they can do, I’d actually recommend referrals when it comes to SEO. Ask about the process, and what their working relationship with their SEO was like. A good SEO company collaborating with a knowledgeable client is a good recipe for success.

There is phenomenon I’ve seen over and over. SEO companies that scale become less capable of delivering the level of work that earned them their reputation. In order for SEO to work, you have to constantly study Google and immerse yourself in your clients business. As some SEO companies scale, they are unable to give each client the same level of attention. And training a workforce to perform SEO becomes difficult when SEO changes so rapidly. Also, there is something to be said about your SEO’s reputation being on the line along with your investment. It’s a symbiotic relationship that unfolds over many years.

Find SEO Success Stories & Ask The Right Questions

Talk to other business owners that have found success. Everyone who has gone through it will have a strong opinion, and many people will have a handful of cautionary tales. You might even have a few yourself. It’s not easy to do SEO, but the number one reason for failure is that the company is not giving your company enough attention. And the second most common reason, is that they are good sales people with SEO’s that do not have enough experience and don’t understand how to read the data at the 6th month mark to pivot accordingly.

If you do decide to pursue SEO for your company, your chances for success will go up if you or someone knowledgeable about your industry are able to provide content and answer questions that your SEO company should be asking. If they aren’t asking questions, that’s another red flag that you may want to pay closer attention to the work that is being done.


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