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by | Aug 25, 2022 | CyberProps, SEO

What is an SEO Expert?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization” which is the practice of enticing search engines to improve your position in their index. Paraphrasing Oxford Languages, an “expert” is one with a mastery or authoritative knowledge on a particular subject. So, an SEO Expert is an authority on improving your rankings.

If you make it to the top of those rankings, you essentially become an answer to a question. The organic results, located just below paid advertisements, has an incredible amount of trust. Why? Google isn’t biased, and it has access to more information than humanity collectively. That being said, it isn’t perfect.

As an SEO company in Austin, we think you should hire us. However, game recognizes game. And we are giving our props to a few Austin SEO companies that hold the crown of “Best SEO Expert in Austin”. We are just stepping up before or start picking winners out of the blue.

Who is the best SEO expert in Austin?

Since there are many search engines, there are many SEO award we could give, but we are not trying to provide free endorsements for every SEO company in ATX. for various SEO specialists. Search engines are everywhere. If you want to optimize your App Store Listing or your YouTube channel, contact us for an evaluation. Intraspire is going to give two awards, Best Local SEO Expert and Best Overall SEO Expert in Austin. There is no prize money.

Our Simple SEO Company Credibility Test

In short, Google wants a subject authority. In other industries, this practice won’t necessarily work. For obvious reasons, “SEO” is one of the most competitive keywords on Google. It varies by geographic area, but in Austin’s exploding tech scene, ranking for an “best SEO expert” or “SEO company” is the Holy Grail.

Type “best SEO expert in Austin,” “SEO company ATX,” or simply “SEO Company” since Google is already aware of your location. Below the ads, you’ll see the organic search results. SEO is a local trigger word so it fires the map, and that brings us to our first award. Since the map appears first, it is a high-value Local SEO target. Ranking first on the highly coveted Google map for “Austin SEO company” requires solid local SEO work because it is highly competitive.

Best Local SEO Expert in Austin, Texas

This Image Has An Empty Alt Attribute; Its File Name Is Best-Local-Seo-Expert-Austin-Search-Results-Page-991X1024.Jpg

Intraspire awards the trophy for Best Local SEO Company to Insignia SEO & Web Design. As a competitor, I’d suggest you hire Intraspire for web design, but I can vouch for their SEO work. Their domain was purchased in 2016, and their address indicates that they are located in right in the heart of downtown Austin. Congratulations for the solid local SEO work. You earned it.

According to Keyword Surfer, “austin seo company” received 1300 average monthly searches. I can think of a few ways you can pay us back, Insignia.

Honorable mention to Complete SEO which is right on the heels of Insignia in several similar local SEO searches. Keep up the solid SEO work. An impressive perfect 5 stars!

Now it’s time for the main event. Yes, the map is very important. But the spot that has the eye of every SEO is the top organic position. This truly proves that you are an SEO expert because Google also mixes in companies from out-of-state. Yes, you can and should hire the best SEO no matter where they are located. But when you live in Austin, you don’t need to look far.

Overall Best SEO Company in Austin, Texas

For this, we’ll simply search “seo company” and let Google guide us home. Let’s take a look at which company ranks #1 for this term!

And the winner is…

This Image Has An Empty Alt Attribute; Its File Name Is Thrive-Agency-Best-Seo-Experts-Austin-Despite-Living-In-Arlington-1024X963.Jpg

Let’s skip right over for having an unfair domain name advantage…

The title of “Best overall Best SEO Experts in Austin” goes to Thrive Agency which is headquartered nearly 200 miles away in Arlington, Texas. Very sneaky, Thrive, but we’ll allow it. Considering that they hold two of the top spots, and prevented Upcity and Clutch from selling their lies. Nice work, Thrive Agency. Your website is the work of SEO kings.

Now don’t hire them because they aren’t in Austin and they are probably busy, but that is a fine example of the type of work that we do at Intraspire.

In conclusion, good SEO takes time. Thrive and Insignia are clearly good at SEO. They put in the work and they were rewarded with more business than they can handle. If you are interested in learning what it will takes to get your website to rank, request a free SEO consultation. We are currently accepting partners pending a free evaluation of their market.

SEO companies, SEO company directories have to the page that shows up is likely optimized by the best SEO company.

Optimizing search engines for SEO terminology is fiercely competitive. Each industry and geographic area varies when it comes to ranking at the top of Google. While this SEO Expert Credibility Test is a great indicator, ultimately it comes down to months of technical SEO work, careful data analysis, and a healthy portion of creativity.

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