Why Less Choice Increases Leads

by | Jul 31, 2017 | Online Lead Generation, Responsive Website Design

Consumers are overwhelmed with options. Think about how many emails you received today. More specifically, think how many came from just retailers, grocery stores, or other business industries. As a small business, standing out above the noise is incredibly difficult.


However, once you have your consumer’s attention, transforming a website visit into a lead comes with its own set of challenges. A Stanford University study found a website’s design is the top criteria for deciding if a company is credible. Additionally, a study from Adobe in 2015 determined an unattractive site will cause 38 percent of visitors to leave.


So, how do you keep your visitors engaged? Offer fewer choices.

The Secret of Simple Web Design




The psychologist William Edmund Hick found the time it takes someone to make a decision is proportionate to the possible choices he or she has. Hick’s Law has shaped the web design field and contributed to streamlined websites and their home pages.


Screen Shot 2017 07 26 At 9.21.52 Pm


Successful websites utilize Hick’s Law in this way. For example, Blue Apron’s website opens on a large dynamic photograph of fresh ingredients with the “Get Started” button in the center. The web page minimizes distractions while also guiding the visitor to become a consumer.


Iphone Combined


The same can be applied to any aspect of daily life. If you don’t check your phone for a few hours and return to handfuls of emails, texts, and other notifications, you’re less likely to reply to all of them immediately. However, if you only had one message, you would instantly reply.


In a world with thousands of options, streamline the process for your consumers. The more you utilize Hick’s law and minimize user’s choices, the easier your website will be to navigate, increasing your overall sales or conversions.


For more tips about generating online leads, read about ways to improve your website to generate sales.

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